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Design Services

Unique designs to help you showcase your business.

Whether you need help with building a website, branding, or print materials like a business card, I’ll help you create items that match the look and feel of your company perfectly.

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Having an online presence in the form of a website is key to making sure your customers can easily find you and get to know you.

Whether you need help creating a website from scratch or updating an old design, I’ll work with you to create a website that showcases your business in the best way possible. I’ll also make sure we find a website platform that you feel comfortable with so you have the freedom to change the content as often as needed.


Your brand is your visual identity and it’s important that it aligns with your objectives and goals. I’ll work with you to either create a new brand or ‘polish’ your current one to ensure it delivers a clear and compelling message. 

Additionally, it’s imperative that your promotional items (such as business cards, handouts and brochures) match your brand. Pink Palm Consulting will create custom designs specifically for you (no templates here!) and work with you to make sure it’s something you feel great about.


From trade shows to fundraisers, I have a vast array of experience with events and I can assist you with creative ideas ranging from initial planning, to pre-show marketing, booth design and more.


If you’d like more dedicated, on-going service I also offer Freelance Design Assistance. These packages allow you to choose 5, 10 or 20 hours (or more) of design assistance per month which can be used for everything from emails to social media design – basically anything a “typical” marketing employee would do at a company.

Many business like this option because it’s much more cost effective than hiring additional employees, and it also saves you time, expense and the hassle of managing your marketing entirely yourself.

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